Mediums And Psychics: What’s The Difference?

According to the general public, there is no clear difference between a psychic and a medium. As such they turn to use the two words interchangeably. However, to a trained spiritualist, these two are not the same with a lot of differences to support. Irrespective what the common man may say, a psychic is different from a medium.
Although they may all use similar tools like tarot card reading and other reading techniques, there are subtle differences between them. For the most parts, mediums may also be psychic buy not all psychics are mediums. Most people have come to confuse these two words to mean the same based on the fact that they seem to showcase the same skills to carry out their work.
Who is a psychic? A psychic is someone who claims to have supernatural powers and can be able to see the past present and possibly future. Psychic will use cards and other tools like color bands to be able to predict happenings in the life of the person being read. Unlike popular believes, they do not read minds and do not really tell the future. All they can do is to be able to detect the feelings of the person being read and make interpretations on why the person has such feelings. Psychics tend to advice their clients on certain aspects of their life. Most people turn to psychics to get readings on love and money.
Who is a medium?A medium on the other hand is one who claims to be able to communicate with both the dead and the living. As per their claim, they can communicate with dead people and can shuttle between the physical and spiritual worlds to get information concerning a person. Mediums tend to be seen more positively that other types of seers. In today’s media, mediums tend to be more popular that psychics. The job of a medium has been greatly eased by the fact that many people believe in an afterlife. That is why they do not find it hard to believe claims about talking with their dead ones.
Tools useMost psychics work using tools like cards and palm readings o be able to tell someone about their life. Mediums on the other hand work by using images and descriptions of things related to them from the spiritual world.
Mediums and Psychics todayToday, both mediums and psychics have become very popular. This is partly due to the influence of the internet that has made it possible for them to bring their services closer to the masses. There used to be a time people had to travel long distances to find a medium. Today, all that is needed is the internet.